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Gemstone beads, also called semi-precious beads can include natural gemstone, enhanced gemstone or manmade reconstructed materials. Available in various shapes and sizes.

There are so many different shapes to choose from, from smooth round, faceted, chips, cabochons and nuggets of semi-precious stones (e.g. amethyst, jade, agate) that are irregular in shape. 

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The CrystaLove range are beautiful faceted glass crystals in a rainbow of luscious colours and larger pack sizes than some of their more expensive rivals, making them great value for money and first choice for any discerning beader. They come in different shapes and sizes ranging from bicones, rondelles, rounds etc.

Bicone beads are precision cut crystal glass beads that are shaped like a diamond with facets to give them that extra sparkle. Bicones are widely used for jewellery making because of their dazzling look.

Rondelle beads are more compressed than a round bead so are great as spacers. They come in all finishes and sizes. We even sell a rondelle set with crystals.

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Made with Preciosa Ornella glass and produced with special surface treatment technology, unique coatings (backlit) and high purity holes, these gorgeous Czech Glass Beads shine a degree higher. The holes have a glossy & smooth surface making them less likely to snag or tear your stringing medium. The beads in the Matubo range consist of ginko beads, superduo beads, gemduo beads and nib-bit beads. 

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These Firepolish beads offer great value for money. Made in the Czech Republic, these beads are machine-faceted and fired to give them that extra sparkle. These beads are a form of pressed glass beads produced in high temperatures. These beautifully faceted beads come in an array of size. 

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Natural pearls can be saltwater or freshwater cultured pearls which are made into beads. Natural pearls are usually pink, peach or mauve in colour, whilst white pearls are usually an off white or creamy colour. Glass pearls are also available which imitate the appearance of pearls whilst maintaining consistency in size, colour, shape and finish.

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There are many types of seed beads, colours and shapes, but here the attention will be devoted to TOHO™ beads, a native of Japan. They deserve distinction, because in a mass they are very similar to each other (equal and regular), which allows them to be used in the most precise and sophisticated projects. In addition, their threading hole is larger than in other small beads, so they can be used with a slightly thicker thread, elastic, cord or string. Another advantage is their colour durability. They do not dye the skin or materials used in their vicinity. The choice of colour depends on your own imagination. TOHO™ beads reign primarily in the beading technique and they are also a paradise for supporters of the soutache technique. TOHO™ beads are made of glass and are produced by a Japanese company which since 1957, has been working on improving its products.

Also in the TOHO seed bead family are treasure beads, magatama beads, bugle beads, demi round beads and hex beads. Round seed beads range in sizes of for example size 3/0 (5.5mm), size 6/0 (4.1mm), size 8/0 (3.0mm), size 11/0 (2.2mm) and size 15/0 (1.5mm). 

Treasure beads are the best choice for bead weaving (on or off loom) and beadwork patterns such as peyote, brick stitch and square stitch as they lie beautifully flat.

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Wooden ones are pretty common and are a great addition to your designs. Add an earthy touch to your beading creations with our fantastic range of Preciosa wooden beads. They’re perfect for making Macramé designs and yoga-style necklaces. There are a few types of wood being used for wood beads production purposes:

  • Greywood
  • Jackfruit (Asia) 
  • Oak (Europe)
  • Rosewood (Philippines)
  • Patikan (Philippines)
  • Bayong (Philippines)
  • Palmwood

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The bonny range has a selection of glass rivoli crystals and cupchains. Rivoli is braided in many different ways, some of which you can see in our Design Centre where we show you step by step instructions on how to create the right binding for these crystals. Rivoli crystals are circular and feature smooth facets that come to a point in the middle, on the front and back of the crystal. They do not have a threading hole so are primarily used to glue into a setting or base, or they are bezelled using seed beads.

Bonny rivoli’s give you a whole lot of possibilities, depending on how you frame them, you can bring out a completely different character from them. They can look elegant and classic or feisty and modern. Everything in your capable paws! The bonny cupchain is beautiful and uses a range of crystals which are held in place in individual settings which are placed onto metal chain. This cupchain is perfect for bead embroidery, embellishing and incorporating into beadwork.

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MIYUKI glass beads are popular for their high quality, brilliance, and uniform shape. They are highly sought after by jewellery makers. MIYUKI produces various types and shapes of seed beads such as delica, tila, triangle, magatama, fringe, round and bugle beads. 

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Ceramic beads are a great addition to your jewellery pieces, they are so unique and not one bead is exactly the same of the other. The colour, size and finishes can be different from each other which makes them desirable to jewellery makers.

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Frozen™ beads are made of are glass with a matte coating which gives off a frosted effect. They come in two shapes, rounds and rondelles in a range of sizes.

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Cabochons …