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Jewelry With A Positive Impact


One of their main innovations is ensuring the jewelry is eco-conscious. Alex and Ani ensure the materials utilized are sustainable and derived from eco-conscious processes, striving towards the Sustainable Development Goal 11, Sustainable Cities and Communities. They use a substance called “Copper” in many of their pieces, a mixture of recycled metals including copper. Frances Hobkja, the Victorian manager, explains the metal is sourced from items such as “old copper doorknobs and coat hangers [and has] had a life” previous to becoming the jewelry, adding character to the pieces as well as reducing the environmental impact. Through this innovation, Alex and Ani are able to work towards the Sustainable Development Goals 12 and 15, Responsible Consumption and Production, and maintaining Life on Land.

Another major aspect of their business is the Charity By Design collection, where bangles are sold specifically to benefit organizations. In Australia, the charities supported are UNICEF, Special Olympics, RSPCA, Lifeline, and the McGrath Foundation. Through this, they are able to support many of the Sustainable Development Goals, including No Poverty and Good Health and Well-Being. Alex and Ani aim to strengthen charitable organizations through innovative partnerships, influencing their employees, customers, and the community to get involved in organizations they support. They also contribute towards the Sustainable Development Goal 17, Partnerships for the Goals. While this innovation has just begun in Australia, in the US over $30 million has been donated to countless charities in the last five years. They hope to have the Charity by Design collection become as successful in Australia as it is in the US since it is an integral part of their brand.

Jewelry With A Positive Impact


The company stays true to its core moral beliefs while running a business, and spreading positivity through the jewelry to connect people.

Overall impact

The company’s jewelry-making methods positively impact the environment, its sales benefit many organizations and the brand connects people together through meaningful gifts.

Business benefit

People are more likely to purchase the products since they how the jewelry positively impacts society and overall profits.

Social and environmental benefit

Using recycled metals reduces the negative impact on the environment.…